Design Steps

As architects and landscape architects, our goal is guide you through the building process. We have the education, experience and vision to lead you through all phases of design and construction, from defining your wish list to the final punch list.

Walsh Krowka & Associates, Inc. believes in holding an initial meeting to discuss your project at length. This is an excellent time for you to meet the staff who will be working on your project. We will also discuss our current workload, give you a time frame for your project, the range of services available to you, your budget and our fees.

Design and construction projects involve several phases. Following are the typical phases. However, on some projects several of these steps may be combined: on others there may be additional steps. We usually meet with you several times during the design process to gather additional input and review options.


In this first and most important phase, you will give the architect the requirements for your project. This is the time to begin testing the fit between requirements, the site, and the budget constraints.  You may wish to download or print our free Residential Planning Guide for this step.  It may help you consider various options for the spaces you plan to include.

Conceptual Design

Once you have determined a program, the architect will draw one or more sketches of possible layouts of interior and exterior spaces in relation to the site.  Preliminary sketch(es) of the exterior ideas for the project will also be generated

Design Development

At this stage the architect refines the conceptual plan into a more detailed drawing to further illustrate the design.  Work will proceed on defining materials, finishes, structural systems as well as additional drawings of all sides of the exterior.

Construction Documents

These final drawings are prepared for the contractor to use in construction of the project and determining the cost.  They will also be used for permitting the project through local Review Boards and government agencies having jurisdiction over the project.

Hiring the Contractor

The architect may make a recommendation to you or you may wish to choose among several contractors who can submit bids on the job.


The architect will make site visits, review and approve contractors applications for payment and keep you informed of the projects progress. While architect observes construction, the contractor is solely responsible for construction methods, schedules, procedures and all construction work.  While recommended, this is an optional service.

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